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PRENSA LATINA: Honduran Resistance to Ignore Next Government

December 1, 2009

Honduran Resistance to Ignore Next Government  
Escrito por Ileana Ferrer Fonte  
martes, 01 de diciembre de 2009
Tegucigalpa, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) The National Front against the Coup d’Etat in Honduras stated that it will ignore the government that will take office in January and continue fighting until the country has restituted constitutional order.

  That alliance of peoples’ forces stressed in a release it will continue the resistance against the military coup until achieving a call for a national constituent assembly.

The total failure of the electoral farce orchestrated by oligarchy on November 29 in dictatorship conditions, confirms our statement of declaring elections and results illegal and illegitimate, the Front stated.

The organization also called “governments and honest, democratic and social movements worldwide to reject results of the electoral farce and ignore the government that will start on January 27.”

Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya, against the June 28 military coup, said he will not return to office if the Congress, which will debate his restitution in a special session on Wednesday, agrees to reinstate him.

“Neither restitution to legitimate the coup nor to approve them a process that is totally tainted,” Zelaya told Radio Globo station from the Brazilian embassy, where he has been staying since his return to the country on September 21.

The statesman stated that the Sunday elections, whose abstentionism surpassed 65 percent, were held with a terrified population without freedom of speech under soldiers’ threat.

Zelaya also confirmed his decision of impugning elections legally.

The Supreme Electoral Court reported an extensive lead of presidential candidate from the conservative National Party Porfirio Lobo, over his closest rival Elvin Santos, from the Liberal Party.

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and other countries stated that they will not recognize results of the elections.

Meanwhile, the United States and its closest allies in the region, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Peru, announced their support to the electoral process and results.

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