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More on Sneaky US Contractor in Cuba: How Did He Get Equipment into the Country?

December 15, 2009
Below is a detailed statement by the President of Development Alternatives, Inc. regarding the company’s mission in Cuba on behalf of the USAID..  Following that is an excellent comment pointing to some very necessary questions that should be asked about this whole affair.
As for, where did the equipment come from?  One should safely assume that if not from the US Interests Section, it came from one of the embassies of the US’ lackeys — maybe Canada.
USAID contractor’s statement on American detained in Cuba statement was cited in news reports over the weekend:
Statement from Dr. Jim Boomgard, President and CEO of Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)The New York Times and other media outlets have reported the detention of a U.S. citizen in Cuba linked to DAI.DAI is a professional economic development organization that has for 40 years been working to bring development benefits to millions of disadvantaged people in more than 100 countries worldwide ( ).Our prime concern is for the safety, well-being, and quick return to the United States of the detained individual. We have been working closely with the State Department to ensure that the detainee’s safety and well-being is given top priority. Given the delicacy of this situation, we ask for media discretion. All inquires should be directed to the State Department.In 2008, DAI competed for and was awarded a contract, the Cuba Democracy and Contingency Planning Program, to help the U.S. Government implement activities in support of the rule of law and human rights, political competition, and consensus building, and to strengthen civil society in support of just and democratic governance in Cuba

The new program was also designed to help the U.S. Government address challenges raised about some aspects of its program in the past (November 2006 GAO report on US Democracy Assistance for Cuba — ). DAI was engaged on the basis of its positive track record in development, and its capacity to provide sound management and administration of key aspects of U.S. Government programs such as this one, which involves support for the peaceful activities of a broad range of nonviolent organizations through competitively awarded grants and subcontracts.

The detained individual was an employee of a program subcontractor, which was implementing a competitively issued subcontract to assist Cuban civil society organizations.

[December 12, 2009]

Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:07 pm (PST)
(Terrific comment by blogger “leftside” on the US agent
caught by the Cubans in the act of distributing material
aid to subversive elements in Cuba. Just imagine how this
guy got the laptops and cell phones he was distributing in
Cuba? He certainly did not bring them in and go through
Cuban customs with them. Where did he get them? And how
were they provided to him on the ground inside of Cuba?
There must be a thousand other questions one might think
to ask about this escapade. It boggles the imagination.)
===========================================================CUBAN TRIANGLE said…
First off, I am sure the State Dept and DAI owe gratitude to this blog for printing their press release verbatim, without comment. Cheers.

Second, we don’t know much else about this case excpet what US authorities and DAI have told us.

But we do know that the individual arrived in Cuba on false pretenses (tourist visa). He obviously failed to register as an agent of a foreign power, which in the US carries a maximum sentance of 10 years, which can be added to significantly if the intent was shown to be against US interests.

We know the distribution of communications equipment was involved (including satellite phones). We know this was part of a US Government conceived and promoted program of subversion in Cuba (something tells me the equipment were not going to CDRs or social organizations there – they were going to our political allies who want to dissolve the Revolution).

With this information we know that the Obama Adminstration has not ended its funding of direct subversion in Cuba. In fact, it appears the work has “progressed” in a way that responds to the criticisims of ineffectiveness contained in the CAO report. And we now know the real reason Obama allowed the entry of communications equipment into Cuba – so he coulod hire people to bring them directly to the Cuban opposition – so they will be better coordinated and be able to be in quicker communication with their masters in DC, Miami (and a few interlocuters in Havana, who tell us who is trustworthy or not).

And the comparision to the Cuban Five case has to be made. The Five were certainly unregistered Foriegn Agents, but they were on a mission that has been fully investigated and found to pose to risk to US security or US interests. These were men defending Cuba from groups that have shown a propensity for violent action. The DAI employee was working to undermine Cuba at the service of a nation that maintains a policy of regime change. This case was an extension of this illegal, internationally condemnded policy.

And I am sure there is more to know. The fact that Havana has not commented does lead one to beleive they are still investigating and/or trying to handle this behind closed doors with the US. But Cuba can not and will not tolerate the US funding and organizing a political opposition.

Anyone claiming to be a true patriotic opposition member or group should denounce this (and the larger US policy) from the rafters and make clear they want no part of US assistance (aws mnany have said before). Why the US does not listen and thinks we know better shows our own hubris and misguidedness.

DECEMBER 14, 2009 12:39 PM

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