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Honduran, Member of National Resistance Front, Found Decapitated

December 16, 2009

The article mentions  that when Corrales Garcia was taken into custody on December 5, the men were wearing the uniform of the DNIC ( National Criminal Investigation  Department) and carrying  “Galil” rifles — made in Israel.


Honduran Opposition Member Found Decapitated

TEGUCIGALPA.— The body of Santos Corrales Garcia, a member of the National Resistance Front against the coup d’état in Honduras, was found this weekend decapitated at the hands of the police under the Roberto Micheletti de facto regime’s command, reported YVKE Mundial news agency.

According to the president of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, Andres Pavon “Santos Corrales’ dead body was found near Talanga, but the head is still missing.”

The activist underscored that Corrales had been arrested back on December 5 in the Nueva Capital area, in the south of Tegucigalpa, by five people wearing uniforms of the National Criminal Investigation Department, who carried Galil rifles and 9mm pistols and drove a Tacoma vehicle.

Corrales’ body showed signs of torture, most likely to make him inform on a supplier who provided opposition members with provisions.

Pavon said Corrales’ death is another regrettable consequence of the cycle of lethal violence created by the de facto regime with the goal of dismantling the National Resistance Front.


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