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President Zelaya Calls for Central American Unity

December 30, 2009


Honduras’ Zelaya Calls for CentAm Unity  

Tegucigalpa, Dec 30.- Honduras’ constitutional President Manuel Zelaya called upon Central American nations to act united and firmly to overthrow the dictatorship in his country, and avoid the return of coups in the region.
“In the past, we faced and solved great conflicts together. Today, military violence in our countries’ civic life poses a serious risk for peace and integration,” he affirmed.

Zelaya rated the June 28 coup in Honduras as the greatest political crisis in the region since the armed conflicts in the 1980s, and denounced the coup maintains development and integration processes deadlocked.

In a message to Central American presidents issued today, Zelaya denounced that his kidnapping and expatriation to Costa Rica was a political military conspiracy to hinder social transformations encouraged by his government.

“We must act diligently to avoid the return of the brutal history of wars, violence, and coups we thought were over in Central America,” he affirmed.

Zelaya recalled the Honduran resistance wages a peaceful, heroic fight, with great sacrifice.

He denounced that in the six months of the de facto regime, it has been reported over 4,200 human rights violations, 130 assassinations of rebel members, and the massacre of five young people during peaceful demonstrations, with over 3,000 arrests. (Prensa Latina)

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