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Hillary Debuts a “Revitalized” USAID and Touts the 3 D’s: Democracy, Development and Defense

January 6, 2010

Hillary Clinton gave a major speech at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC, today.  The purpose of the speech was to announce to the world that the US is going to bulk up  the US Agency for International Development by giving it, well, more “development” stuff to do.  In previous speeches, Clinton has said that US foreign policy hinges on the three D’s: democracy, development, and defense.  She says its high time the US’ emphasis on defense be balanced by the other two.  It was her attempt at  a “kinder and gentler” presentation.

I guess the US finally realized that when China comes to suck resources in countries around the world, it at least has the good mind to offer some infrastructure and other development projects to sweeten the deal.  Of course, the result is that more and more of the third world is doing business with the Chinese and thumbing its nose at the US.  So, Hillary will tour the world bearing development gifts.

But, the real story here is that USAID will be a mammoth US appendage reaching far andwide  and it won’t be just be delivering development goodies.  A bigger, better USAID means more US spies spread around the world with more money to destabilize more countries.  In the old, old days, the CIA folks were “attached” to the US embassy and, of course, many still are.  But, more and more, the CIA folks lurk around at the USAID missions — more people to get lost among. 

All I’m saying is, if you bulk up the USAID, the US’ quest for resources and power leads to what it is really interested in, a fourth D:  domination.  

The speech is ridiculously long.  Click here to read.

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