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Honduran National Front Leads the Way in Rejection of Pardon for Oppressors

January 9, 2010

Honduras: Rejection to Pardon Oppressors Grows

TEGUCIGALPA – Leaders of the National Front against the Coup reiterated their rejection to the plan of the National Congress that hopes to approve an amnesty for those people responsible for the coup against President Manuel Zelaya.

Leaders of the National Front described as farce the decision of the district attorneyâ�Ös office of indicting the highest ranking officers in the armed forces for abuse of authority and Zelayas’ illegal expatriation.

The Front leader Rafael Alegria warned that military men will be judge for minor crimes and not for assassination, tortures and other human rights violations.

More than 500 people should also be tried for complicity, among then the attorneyâ�Ös office, members of the parliament and magistrates of the Supreme Court, according to the also leader of “Via Campesina”.

Nevertheless, the National Congress hopes to close this issue next week by forgiving those responsible for offences against humanity during and after the coup.

This decision favors military men that expel Zelaya of the country, said Juan Barahona, coordinator general of the anti-coup Resistance movement.

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