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Honduran National Front Vows the Struggle Will Continue in 2010

January 9, 2010

Struggle continues in Honduras
Saturday, 9 January 2010

The resistance forces in Honduras declared their struggle will continue in the new year.

After the contentious elections at the end of last year, state forces prepare to take steps towards resigning from ALBA, enaction of law of amnesty for the crimes against the society during the coup period, acceleration in denationalization and decrease in the wages.

On the other hand, the struggle against the dictatorship in the country heats up. The following is the manifesto of Honduras National Resistance Front about the happenings in the new year :

“Honduras resistance started the year 2010 with the struggle against the dictatorship attempting to clean out his hands by a made up transition period in which the government would be devolved from Micheletti to Lobo. The period in question will sustain the control of the corrupt great bosses, multinational companies and oppressive military and police forces on the state.

The dictatorship plans to resign the State of Honduras from ALBA-TCP (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America-Peoples’ Trade Treaty). Since our country’s join at November 9th, 2008 this organization has helped our public sector greatly and showed that a new form of solidarity and relationship could be made out between societies and states for the acquisition of the poor and the real union of the great Latin America motherland. The prompt resigning of our country from ALBA-TCP proves that the aim of the coup was to prevent the rapid transformation in the social structure and to give a message to the other countries of Latin America which bring on alternative and progressive national projects.

We decline the economical menaces enforced to the society by the oligarchy and condemn the impudent effort to suppress the social acquisitions gained by the organized society who paid so much for the penalty. Water rates increased, prices of staple food baskets increased, international backlogs and the savings of state institutions like ENEE(Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica) and Hondutel are cleared out. The formulas used to calculate the petroleum rates are changed to favor large international firms and new treaties are concluded steadily to favor the coup supporter firms. Likewise, some other precautions are taken like decreasing the minimum wages, bringing exceptions against the society for the workers in statute about education, cancelling of free admission to school, denationalization of national firms and retirement funds of public officers.

We expose to international societies the oppressive occasion that Honduras society experienced and sharpened by the increases in the murders, prosecutions and exiles against our comrades since the end of last year till today. We call for international human rights organizations to increase their press on the actual government.

We decline the amnesty plan of the dictatorship prepared to excuse the crimes committed against the mankind since the coup government. We remind that these kinds of crimes do not lapse and the responsibles will give the account for in justice sooner or later.

Towards the sovereign right of the public to determine the society that he lives in, we request our right to change the present institutional system and found the democratic National Constitutional Assembly leaning against the rulership of the society.

We are resisting and we will win.”

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