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After 7 Months of NYT Pretending Honduran Resistance Doesn’t Exist — a Picture

January 10, 2010

The NYT published a story today about the Honduran military officers charged with “abuse of power” for the abduction of President Zelaya which I have not copied here because, well, the charges serve to exonerate them of more serious charges such as summary executions, rapes, disappearances, illegal detention, etc.  If you insist on reading the article, click here.

Had it not been for the Honduras solidarity blogosphere, few outside Honduras would know there is a huge Resistance movement that hit the streets on the morning of the coup on June 28 and has never stopped.  Along with the article mentioned above, the NYT today also published the following picture of a Resistance march in Tegucigalpa.  A little more light and a close-up of what is written on the placards would have beem nice.  But, hey, any pic of the Honduran Resistance in the streets brightens my day.  Hope it does the same for you.  Here’s to the brave people of Honduras!


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