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HAITI: VENEZUELA Flies Flag of Solidarity and Sends First Rescue Team

January 13, 2010

Venezuela flies the flag of solidarity and sends first rescue team to Haiti

Foto: Archivo, ABN.
Caracas, Jan 13 ABN.- Venezuela flies the flag of peace and solidarity and sent on Wednesday about 50 men and women to give humanitarian aid to the people of Haiti, who were devastated by a 7.0 earthquake on Tuesday, informed the Minister of People’s Power for Interior Relations and Justice, Tareck El Aissami.

From the International Airport Maiquetia, in Vargas state, El Aissami expressed that 19 doctors left for Haiti, who are part of the groups trained by the Bolivarian Revolution in order to give humanitarian aid and provide rescue works for every country in need of it.

The group also consists on 10 fire fighters from Venezuela’s Capital District, search and rescue experts; 17 members of Civil Protection; and about 4 members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force.

“200 years ago, Simon Bolivar found a supportive and unconditional people for the pro independence feat (…) Today, Haiti needs the whole world and Venezuela has a historical commitment with that people,” the Minister added.

On behalf of the Venezuelan Government, Minister El Aissami expressed a message of condolence, solidarity and deep sorrow for such tragedy that today affects the Haitian people.

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