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PICS: After the Earthquake in Haiti

January 13, 2010

 Several more pictures:


The Times (London)
1330 GMT In a statement to MPs, the International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said around one million are living in the worst-affected area.“By any measure, this is a terrible tragedy,” he said.
1325 GMT Briefing reporters at the UN, Ban Ki Moon says quake has had “a devastating impact” on Port-au-Prince, basic services have all but been wiped out. The UN chief says that the number killed will be “in the hundreds”. He confirms that Mr Annabi, the chief of the UN mission in Haiti, and his deputy are both unaccounted for. The UN is immediately releasing $10 million dollars in emergency aid funding.
1310 GMT The EU has activated its emergency crisis management system to help quake-hit Haiti. “We have put in place at the European level all crisis and aid management mechanisms,” said Pierre Lellouche, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs. “We have put in place the entire European crisis management system.”
1235 GMT: Raymond Joseph, Haiti’s ambassador to the United States, says that what his country needs now most of all is medical help. “A hospital ship off the coast of Haiti is a must for us right now,” he tells US television. The ambassador said that it was a mercy that a lot of employees had left office buildings before the quake struck, shortly after 5pm


1230 GMT: Gordon Brown pledges assistance to Haiti, as he takes part in Prime Minister’s questions in the Commons. “Haiti has moved to the centre of the world’s thoughts and the world’s compassion,” he tells MPs. “The Government will respond with emergency aid in firefighters, emergency equipment and finance.”
1210 GMT: Adriano Campolina, ActionAid’s Americas international director, says the charity has been able to reestablish contact with its 20 staff in Haiti. “We are expecting a massive death-toll as the main slum areas of downtown Port-au-Prince and neighbouring areas were badly affected,” she warns. “There is also lots of concern about the damage in Carrefour, the epicentre of the earthquake. In the capital Port-au-Prince 80 per cent of people live in absolute poverty in shanty towns spread out over the city’s hills. We will be doing an initial assessment and are trying to get extra staff flown as soon as possible.”
1205 GMT: France’s foreign minister confirms that Hedi Annabi, the head of the UN Mission, and “all those around him” are now believed dead
1200 GMT: The European Commission says it has released three million euros in emergency aid, and will give more once its disaster experts have assessed Haiti’s needs
1132 GMT: The Brazilian Army says that four of its peacekeeping troops are dead, five wounded and a large number of others are missing. The statement brings the number of foreign peacekeepers confirmed to have died in the quake to 15
1130 GMT: A Philippines diplomat says that a number people – some of them members of the 157-strong Filipino peacekeeping contingent – are trapped still alive in the wreckage of the UN mission, and that other of the Filipino troops are assisting efforts to rescue them
11.20 GMT: The UN reveals that 200-250 of its staff were inside the UN peacekeeping headquarters in the Christopher Hotel in Port au Prince when the building collapsed. Several bodies have already been retrieved from the rubble. The nearby World Food Programme building is however still standing and most staff are accounted for, but the Unicef headquarters in the Haitian capital is damaged

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