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Students at Cuba’s School of Medicine Ask Raul for Opportunity to Go to Haiti to Help

January 15, 2010
Students from Havana’s Latin American School of Medicine Request to Succor Haitians

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 15 (acn) Students from Havana’s Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM)
requested on Friday, in a letter addressed to Cuban President Raul Castro, to have the
opportunity of helping the Haitian people.
   These youngsters are from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela,
Bolivia Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay and other nations, and, acting on their own
initiative, created the 12 de Enero Internationalist Brigade of Solidarity with the Peoples.
   The date recalls the recent day (January 12) in which a violent earthquake hit the
Caribbean nation, leaving behind incalculable human and material damages.
   “We feel the moral duty, internationalist and in solidarity, of devoting ourselves entirely
to the urgent needs of the Haitian population”, reads the message addressed to Cuban President
Raul Castro.
   The letter explains that the aforementioned brigade would provide immediate help in the
devastated areas, “following the ideal with which we’ve been educated as an army of health
guardians at the service of our people and of mankind.”
   “This is the moment in which the ideal for which our project was created is reflected at
the service of this noble cause”, stresses the letter.
   “Committed to this idea, and aware of the fact that our actions will help the victims of
the disaster, we request to be given the opportunity of contributing to that revolutionary
duty", expressed the group of students from ELAM willing to travel to Haiti.
   “In the words of Revolution leader Fidel Castro, we’re fulfilling a fundamental
internationalist duty when we help the Haitian people”, concludes the letter addressed to Raul.
   Following the initiative, the members of the 12 de Enero Internationalist Brigade of
Solidarity with the Peoples toured on Friday the faculties of medicine of Havana’s University
of Medical Sciences to incorporate more students to the project, as Cosme More, head of the
institution’s Department for Promotion and Information, explained to ACN.
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  1. February 15, 2010 8:23 PM

    I bet this is the time you(students) have been waiting for. To fulfill your desires and put into practical the good knowledge that you (students) have aquired.
    I support the idea. Go ahead and help the needy out there. To the authority responsible, facilitate the good idea of helping the people of Haiti.
    THank you

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