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Translation by Kristin Bricker @ – July 21, 2009

(Editorial by the daily El Libertador of Honduras)

These are the coup leaders: 1) Carlos Flores Facussé; 2) Rafael Leonardo Callejas; 3) Cardenal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez; 4) Adolfo Facussé; 5) Armida de López Contreras; 6) Schucry Kafie; 7) Elvin Santos; 8) Emilio Larach; 9) Enrique Ortez Colindres; 10) Pastor Evelio Reyes; 11) Felícito Ávila; 12) José Alfredo Saavedra; 13) Jorge Canahuati; 14) Jorge Yllescas; 15) Juan Ferrera; 16) Juan Ramón Martínez; 17) Carlos López Contreras; 18) Billy Joya; 19) Ana Abarca; 20) Rafael Ferrari; 21) Juan José Pineda; 22) Vilma Morales; 23) Marcia Villeda; 24) Renato Álvarez; 25) Ramón Custodio; 26) Rafael Pineda Ponce; 27) Olban Valladares; 28) Pastor Oswaldo Canales; 29) Ricardo Maduro; 30) Romeo Vásquez Velásquez; 31) Porfirio Lobo Sosa; 32) Ricardo Álvarez; 33) Antonio Rivera; 34) Guillermo Pérez Cadalso; 35) Mauricio Villeda; 36) María Martha Díaz; 37) Antonio Tavel Otero; 38) Luis Rubí; 39) Toribio Aguilera; 40) Ramón Velásquez Nassar; 41) Elán Reyes Pineda; 42) Luz Ernestina Mejía; 43) Martha Lorena Casco; 44) Rodolfo Irías Navas; 45) Rigoberto Chang Castillo; 46) Mirna Castro; 47) Gabriela Núñez; 48) Hugo Llorens.

1. All of these people used their positions to plot, cause, or finance the breakdown of constitutional order with the kidnapping and extradition of President Zelaya, which culminated in the coup.

2.  They are directly responsible for the deaths, injuries, imprisonment, and the unease imposed upon Honduran society; they have destroyed democracy and ruined Honduras’ image nationally and internationally.

3.  The coup leaders reactivated the anti-terrorist and anti-communist organization called the Alliance for Honduras’ Progress (APROH), which operated in the 1980s.  Their greed and lack of culture prevented them from understanding that the people are free to choose the political and ideological system that will offer them security and well-being.

Tegucigapla.  This time their names and faces will go down in history, and Hondurans and citizens of the world will remember them.  They will be judged by society and by national and international courts.

The coup plotters utilized variations on the mechanisms that the Alliance for Honduras’ Progress (APROH) used in the 1980s.  Under the guise of a business organization, it hid clear political doctrine of “low-intensity war against those who opposed the repression of the Sandinista government and against social discontent in Honduras.  United States intelligence financed the organization through the Moon sect.”

“Industrious Businessmen”

Nothing particularly “suspicious” is written in the APROH’s statutes.  A group of businessmen got together to study their problems, with a project to assist other sectors.  The economic model that the associates defended was clear: they advocated laissez faire policies with few mechanisms of control and with many mechanisms to maximize profits.

The associates were required to “guard the confidentiality of the documents and information that they acquired through their participation in APROH activities and that divulging this information could cause harm to its members. [sic]

In the beginning of 1983, soon after its founding, APROH didn’t draw attention to itself.  It was seen as a new attempt to bring together Honduras’ most conservative sectors.  In November of that year, the newspaper “Tiempo” published one of those confidential “documents:” APROH was recommending to the Kissinger Commission, through a personal friend and aid to Kissinger, a military solution for Central America.

Yesterday and Today’s Truth

Military fascism found its place in APROH–then in Gen. Alvarez, the president of that organization, and now [Gen.] Romeo Vasquez.  As now, it was comprised of the country’s far-right business class, although in reality more than being ideological they are corrupt businessmen who have gotten rich because they determine what happens or not in the country.  They are the eternal scroungers who live off financial subsidies, they are the ones who obtain concessions and million-dollar debt forgiveness from the state.  They are the ones who finance and control the political parties and use their influence to have power in the National Congress and in the courts. In short, they are the ones who have the country trapped and don’t allow the advancement of other businessmen and marginalize the people because for them it’s business as usual that they remain ignorant and hungry.  It’s easy for them to manipulate them with the corporate media, as they are doing with this coup.

At the end of 1983, [there was] a rumor that the United States embassy was concerned about what it saw as the consolidation of a pressure group within the country that was very conservative and very vulnerable to criticism, as is the case now.  The coup leaders are once again a problem for the United States.  Then, the APROH was dormant for many years, but it awoke on the morning of June 28, 2009, to carry out its work: overthrow the President, manipulate through the corporate media, extra-judicial executions that no one will know about, repression, and psychological war in order to confuse people.

Who Were the Members?

Gen. Gustavo Alvares was the boss, the man in charge of APROH.  Rafael Leonardo Callejas admitted that when he was the APROH’s Secretary of Student and Worker Affairs–which hoists the flag of anti-communism–he worked so that Osawlado Ramos Soto would be the rector of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).

The Moon Sect, a well-known religious organization, collaborated with this organization.

The APROH was created by Álvarez Martínez during the Roberto Suazo Córdova administration as the precursor to the Security Doctrine and responsible for dozens of political assassinations and disappearances in the country.  José Rafael Ferrari, Miguel Facussé, Fernando Casanova, Rigoberto Espinal Irías, Benjamín Villanueva and ex-union leaders Andrés Víctor Artiles and Mariano González were also members.

Osmond Maduro, brother of the ex-president and coup leader Ricardo Maduro Joest, was also a member, [as well as] national and international bankers; textile and chemical industry, agribusiness, and television barons; and the technocrats.  All of them were represented in the APROH.

Now look on this page at the coup leaders; they are members of the new APROH.  There is no difference between them and those of the past.  Some of them are even the same: Miguel Facussé, Rafael Leonardo Callejas y José Rafael Ferrari.


The Honduras Power Elite

Posted by: “NPV” nvaldes05

Sun Aug 2, 2009 6:57 am (PDT)

Properties which the putschists own:


La Prensa (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
El Heraldo (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Diez (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
La Tribuna (Carlos Flores Facussé)
Hablemos Claro (Rodrigo Wong Arévalo)
Hablemos Claro Financiera (Rodrigo Wong Arévalo)
As Deportiva (Rodrigo Wong Arévalo)
Cromos (Rodrigo Wong Arévalo)
Estilo (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Lithopress Industrial (Carlos Flores Facussé)

the media pay no taxes for videocassettes,
cameras, cd, thanks to Carlos Flores Facusse.

Grupo Televicentro (Rafael Ferrari)
Canal 5 (Rafael Ferrari)
Telecadena, 7y4 (Rafael Ferrari)
Telesistema, 3y7 (Rafael Ferrari)
MegaTV (Rafael Ferrari)
Canal 10 o TEN (Rodrigo Wong Arévalo)
Canal 54 (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Multivisión (Rafael Ferrari)
Multidata (Rafael Ferrari) TELEFONIA GRIS
Multifon (Rafael Ferrari)
Televicentro Online (Rafael Ferrari)
Tigo-Celtel (Antonio Tavel Otero)
Telemás (Gabriela Núñez) TELEFONIA GRIS
45TV, La Ceiba (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Televisión 8, Tela (Rodolfo Irías Navas)

THE RADIOS: pay no taxes for production
elements which are imported.

Emisoras Unidas (Rafael Ferrari)
HRN (Rafael Ferrari)
Radio Norte (Rafael Ferrari)
Suave FM (Rafael Ferrari)
Rock n’ Pop (Rafael Ferrari)
Vox FM (Rafael Ferrari)
XY (Rafael Ferrari)
94 FM (Rafael Ferrari)
Radio Satélite (Rafael Ferrari)
Radio Caribe (Rafael Ferrari)
Radio Centro (Rafael Ferrari)
+Audiovideo (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Radio América (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Radio San Pedro (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Súper 100 (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
La Moderna (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Radio La Ceiba (Miguel Andonie Fernández)

Irias Navas: de acabado—-Presiden

te de Congreso y ahora: dueño de
empresas de Radio y televisiòn..-


Comunicaciones del Atlántico (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Radio El Patio, La Ceiba (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Stereo 92, La Ceiba, (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Stereo 102.5, La Ceiba, (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Romántica, 103.5 FM, La Ceiba (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Radio Aguán, Colón (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
92.7 FM , Tela (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
91.5 FM , Tela (Rodolfo Irías Navas)


Las Comidas ràpidas que no pagan impuestos en Honduras.
el Presidente Zelaya querìa que pagaran impuestos.

Burger King (Rafael Ferrari)
Little Caesar’s (Rafael Ferrari)
Church’s Chicken (Rafael Ferrari)
Popeyes (Rafael Ferrari)
Dunkin’ Donuts (Rafael Ferrari)
Baskin Robbins (Rafael Ferrari)
Pollo Campero (Rafael Ferrari)
Chilli’s (Rafael Ferrari)
Pizza Hut (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Kentucky (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Agua Azul (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Aquafina (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Pepsi (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Seven Up (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Mirinda Naranja (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Mirinda Uva (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Teem (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Enjoy (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Adrenaline (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Gatorade (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Quanty (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Be-Light (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Link (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
SoBe Energy (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Té Lipton envasado (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Yummies Zambos, tajaditas y yuquitas (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Yummies Ranchitas, nachos y jalapechos (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Cappy, maíz con queso, gorditos y tornitos (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Zibas, papas y anillitos de papa (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Ziba’s Costi Rica, papas fritas (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Ziba’s francesa, papas a la francesa (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Taco del Rancho, picante, jalapeño y barbacoa (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Chicharrones del Rancho, limón y picosito (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Mazola, aceite y margarina, manteca Pura (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, pasta de tomate La Rojita y Sofrito (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, salsas para pastas Ranchera (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, salsas para pastas Tomate y Albahaca (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, salsas para pastas Con hongos y 3 quesos (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, Ketchup (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Isssima, sopas de pollo, camarón y resollo Oriental (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, spaguetti y tallarines (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Íssima, consomé de gallina y de pollo (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Leche Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Leche La Pradera (Schucry Kafie)
Leche en polvo Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Malteadas Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Jugos de naranja y fruta Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Bebida Fristy Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Queso, quesillo, requesón Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Queso Cheddar, Gouda, Edam y Pecorino Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Mantequilla crema Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Margarina Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Mozarrella Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Yogurt Sula (Schucry Kafie)
Yogurt Gaymonts y Lait (Schucry Kafie)
Agua Sula (Schucry Kafie)


Grupo Ficohsa (Jorge Faraj Rishmagüi, Camilo Atala Faraj)
Banco Ficohsa (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Interamericana de Seguros (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Ficohsa Express (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
PSI, Proyectos y Servicios Inmobiliarios (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Dicorp, divisas corporativas (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Fundación Ficohsa (Jorge Faraj, Camilo Atala)
Grupo Terra (Freddy Nasser)
Asin (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Grupo Roble (Ricardo Maduro Joest)
Fondo Hondureño de Inversión Turística (Bahía de Tela) (Rafael Ferrari)
Teletón (Rafael Ferrari)
Grupo Dinant, antes Corporación Cressida (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Químicas Magna (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Cressida Industrial (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Químicas Láser (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Alimentos Dixie (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Lactohsa (Schucry Kafie)
Corinsa (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Grupo Televicentro (Rafael Ferrari)
Emisoras Unidas (Rafael Ferrari y Villeda Toledo)
Audiovideo (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Exportadora del Atlántico (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Embotedallora de Sula (Jorge Canahuati y Jorge Larach)
Comunicaciones del Atlántico (Rodolfo Irías Navas)
Fundación Covelo (Adolfo Facussé)


Emce (Freddy Nasser)
Enersa, planta termoeléctrica (Freddy Nasser)
Río Blanco, planta termoeléctrica (Freddy Nasser)
Lufussa, planta termoeléctrica (Schucry Kafie)
Elcosa, planta termoeléctrica (Freddy Nasser)
Petróleos de Honduras (Hondupetrol) (Freddy Nasser)
Gasolineras Uno (Freddy Nasser)
Empresa Transporte y Maquinaria (Tramaq) (Freddy Nasser)
Energía y Transmisión (Enetran) (Freddy Nasser)
Semeh (Rafael Ferrari, Arturo Corrales)
Dinapower, biocombustible (Miguel Facussé Barjum)


Supermercado La Colonia (Mario Faraj)
Jestereo (Ricardo Maduro Joest)
La Curacao (Ricardo Maduro Joest)
Tropigas (Ricardo Maduro Joest)
Mall Multiplaza (Ricardo Maduro Joest)
Diunsa (Mario Faraj)
Eleganza (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Jorge J. Larach & Cía. (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Comercial Larach (Jorge Canahuati Larach)
Proconsumo, (Kiwi, chimicol) (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Xedex (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Audaz (Miguel Facussé Barjum)
Ganex (Miguel Facussé Barjum)


Laboratorios Finlay (Jorge Canahuati larach)
Infarma (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Mandofer (Miguel Andonie Fernández)
Farmacia Regis (Miguel Andonie Fernández)

Grupo Lovable (Juan Canahuati, Jesús y Mario)
Textiles Río Lindo (Adolfo Facussé)

Intercontinental (Ricardo Maduro Joest)

Inter Airports (Freddy Nasser)
Catisa (Roberto Micheletti Baín)
Tupsa (Roberto Micheletti Baín)
Trasul, (Roberto Micheletti Baín)

Olimpia (Rafael Ferrari)
Motagua (Camilo Atala y Pedro Atala)
Selección de Honduras (Rafael Ferrari, Atala, Callejas, Faraj, Kaffati)

AUGUST 8, 2009

New York Times Article on Billy Joya:  “A Cold War Ghost Reappears in Honduras”

Pic by: Edgard Garrido, New York Times

billy joya

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