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July 5, 2009>Honduran Military Masacre at Airport in Tegucigalpa

Double-click link above.  Supporters of President Zelaya were waiting a good distance from the tarmac for President Zelaya to arrive.  The soldiers began to motion for them to come closer to the fence near the tarmac. As the majority of the crowd gathered at the fence, the Honduran military, without any provocation, began to spray the crowd with rifle fire.  Two people were killed and many were injured.

July 26, 2009>Police Shooting Fans at Futbol Match in Tegucigalpa

Two people were killed and scores were wounded.  The police claimed that the violence was the result of a fight between supporters of the two teams playing.  The real truth came out later when fans reported that there had been no fight, but that the police started shooting indiscriminately when the fans started yelling “golpista” at them.  Two videos below of the incident.  The first is a short segment where a police officer shoots a young man without any apparent provocation.  The second is a longer video that reflects the widespread nature of the police attack and the sheer volume of bullets fired.

August 13, 2009>Illegal Detentions, Arrests and Beatings

At the end of a peaceful march, the golpistas’ police and military detained more than 25 people, some of whom were seriously hurt and maltreated.  The detainees were transferred to different police posts by various “special” police forces.  The detainees did not commit any crimes and the authorities have no proof of their culpability.

August 14, 2009>Police Repression in Choloma

During intense police repression in Choloma, a photographer for El Tiempo is arrested for simply doing his job.

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