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HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 11 (acn) The Hondurans who have been walking from
different parts of the country in a march to the capital city
Tegucigalpa and to the northern city of San Pedro Sula will reach their
respective destinations this Tuesday to join the pacific resistance
against the de facto regime.
    Demonstrators, who have been walking towards the capital city since
August 5 from departments of the central, eastern and southern regions
of the country, spent the night in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa to enter
the city today, reported Prensa Latina (PL) news agency.
    At the same time, people from small villages and communities of the
western and northern part of the country, the border with Guatemala and
the Atlantic coast headed towards San Pedro Sula, some 250 kilometers
away from the capital.
    Reports by participants in the marches and leaders of the National
Front against the coup d’état confirmed that dozens of thousands of
people will arrive in San Pedro Sula this Tuesday after spending the
night in near-by communities.
   According to testimonies broadcast by Radio Globo, the only radio
station covering the resistance’s actions in the country, the population
has been very supportive of the demonstrators supplying them with food,
water, clothes and shelter.
    The National March of Popular Resistance is ignored by the major
media of the country, which are run by business groups that have been
accused of financing the military coup that ousted President Manuel
    Popular leaders receiving the aid donated to the walkers in the
central park of San Pedro Sula highlighted the generosity of the people.
     Meanwhile, in Tegucigalpa, PL reported similar actions in an aid
reception center established in the headquarters of the Beverages and
Similar Products Industry’s Workers Union (STIBYS).


Varias marchas se sumarán hoy a resistencia en Honduras
Cuban News Agency

MARCH UPDATE: August 10, 2009, as of 1:30 PM EDT, Frente Nacional
Contra el Golpe de Estado reports that the resistance march to
Tegucigalpa continues. The marches coming from the four
points of the country are close to the capital. Tomorrow the
grand march will be consolidated in Tegu.


acnnews 10
National March in Honduras Advances towards Two Major Cities 

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 10 (acn) The national popular march of resistance to
the coup d’état in Honduras continues heading for Tegucigalpa and San
Pedro Sula from various points in the country hoping to arrive in these
two cities on Tuesday.
    Thousands of people started the march last Wednesday walking 15 to
20 kilometers per day and spending the nights in farmers’ communities
and other towns, reported Prensa Latina (PL) news agency.
    Many of the participants in the mass demonstration have contacted
Radio Globo station over the phone to thank the people for their support
and for providing them with water, food, medicine, clothes and shelter.
     Meanwhile, the National Association of Middle and Small Companies
condemned the military coup and stressed their solidarity with the
popular resistance and in favor of the reinstatement of the
constitutional order President Manuel Zelaya.
   The Social-democratic Innovation and Unity Party (PINU-SD) confirmed
its rejection of the coup and claimed for the re-establishment of the
constitutional order, as announced yesterday by its executive director,
Wilfredo Mendez, before the Front’s assembly.
   Likewise, the grass-root bodies of the Liberal Party, one of the two
traditional political organizations of the country, rebelled against the
leadership that backs the de facto regime and demanded in a national
assembly the expulsion of the coup perpetrators.
    Juan Barahona, general coordinator of the Front announced that, this
Monday, people will get together in front of the National Pedagogical
University to decide the actions of the day.
   On the other hand, the Federation of Magisterial Organizations (FOMH)
confirmed that the general strike will continue throughout next week to
achieve the reinstatement of constitutional order and of President
Manuel Zelaya.
   Other forces of the Front, the three major trade union centrals also
ratified that the national strike in the public sector, through which
several governmental offices have been seized, will continue. 


Avanza Marcha de Resistencia Popular en Honduras
Cuban News Agency

acnnews 5
Hondurans Resume National March of Popular Resistance to the Coup

Reinician Marcha Nacional de Resistencia Popular

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 7 (acn) Thousands of Honduras resumed on Friday 
morning a National March of Popular Resistance to the coup d’état 
heading towards the capital, Tegucigalpa, and the second most important 
city of the country, San Pedro Sula.
    The march, hardly covered by Radio Globo and other alternative media 
outlets and completely ignored by the mainstream media allied to the de 
facto regime of Roberto Micheletti, began three days ago in the 
department of Copan, in the western region of the country.
    Xiomara Castro, wife of ousted president Manuel Zelaya, is also 
marching with the demonstrators towards Tegucigalpa. She highlighted the 
sacrifice being made by the Honduran people for the reinstatement of 
constitutional order in the Central American nation during a speech 
yesterday in the western city of Santa Barbara.
    According to Prensa Latina news agency, she said that the people’s 
struggle is not only for the return of Zelaya but also for the 
principles of justice and solidarity in the face of an oligarchy that 
only seeks to increase their privileges.
    The National Front against the Coup announced that protesters are 
marching 15 to 20 kilometers per day and that they would arrive in 
Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula next Tuesday.
    Reports from Radio Globo inform that the people along the way have 
supported participants in the march providing them with water, food and 
even housing at night.
    “All the people are against the coup,” said the general coordinator 
of the Front, Juan Barahona, who added that the general national strike 
called by the country’s three main trade unions continues in place and 
gaining strength.
Cuban News Agency
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